First Poetry Workshop

Hey all, so yesterday I held my first poetry workshop and it went splendidly. I gave an educational piece on some basic elements and form and after that was where the real fun began. The participants joined in some verbal activities and then in some non-verbal image theater activities from Theater of the Oppressed. This helped them visualize the theme that they were to eventually write about.

I stuck with pretty cliche things as it is an intro workshop, so I decided on Love, that force which binds us all…next week however we will tackle Hate, an opposing force that unfortunately binds us equally….attrition does favor the world among a growing few.

Anyway towards the end of the workshop participants all created some original poetry and most of them read it out to the group. It was great to hear new voices speaking sweet lines of poetry…it all was so overwhelming and inspired some poetry of my own which I will post after this entry.

Of course, as it usually tends to be, now that my departure draws near China is blessing me with many things. Yet still, the monster that is New York City beckons…

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